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Double elimination

Good luck to all teams

Schedule will be up once the standings are set

by posted 06/09/2023


5/10/2023 We finally have our first homerun hit this season. Congrats go out to Kaitlyn Cabral who hit a 2 run shot to help her team come from behind and win.

5/13/23  Megan O'Leary joined the slugger of the year club! Megan hit her 1st career HR a 2 run shot to help her team win. Congrats Megan!
5/18/23 Maddie Glynn hit her 1st career HR! A 2 run shot to help her team win. Congrats Maddie!
5/23/23 Megan O'Leary is our first multiple HR hitter this season. Megan hit a 3 run shot in her game against Fairway! Congrats Megan!!
6/4/23 Kaitlyn Cabral hit her 2nd HR of the season a 3 run shot in the Major League All Star game! Her HR broke the game open for the Green Machine. Congrats Kaitlyn!!

by posted 05/10/2023

Thank you to all the girls/parents who sold calendar raffles this season. Our top sellers are as follows
1st Place with 51 sold was Poppy Zide who won a pair of Red Sox tickets
2nd place with 50 sold was a 4 way tie with all 4 receiving 4 packs of Woo Sox tickets  Giada Coppola, Sherryann Brown, Kailyn Morgan, & Amelia Newhook
3rd place with 40 sold was Dakota Harland $50 Amazon GC or $50 Apex GC

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

Calendar Raffle Winners 2023

5/1/23  Amy Cronis           $75                    sold by Taylor Cronis
5/2/23  Paul Crowley         $50                    sold by Maggie Crowley
5/3/23  Amy Wayman        Red Sox tix       sold by Nora Lazaros
5/4/23  Kevin Servano       $50                    sold by Valeria Ticas
5/5/23  Brad Tolan             $75                    sold by Kailyn Morgan
5/6/23  Roger Barnum       $50                    sold by Lillian Barnum
5/7/23  Andy Lacombe      $100                  sold by Annabelle Bolduc
5/8/23  Cheryl DiTullio     $75                    sold by Nickole Wheeler
5/9/23  Damon Accardi     $50                    sold by Danica Casarano
5/10/23 Phil Williams        4 pack Woo Sox  sold by Lucy Williams
5/11/23 David Bolduc        $50                   sold by Annabelle Bolduc
5/12/23 Brett Willand         $75                   sold by Annabelle Bolduc
5/13/23 Jessica Anzalone  $100                  sold by Emma Gelsomini
5/14/23 Keri Andrade        $50                    sold by Aurelia Andrade
5/15/23 John MacKinnon  $75                    sold by Luna Andrade
5/16/23 Reid Zindle           $50                    sold by Brooklyn Reis
5/17/23 Susann Krzyminski Red Sox          sold by Alexandra Boutwell
5/18/23 Lynne Stewart      $75                     sold by Danica Casarano
5/19/23 Benjamin Sawyer $50                    sold by Esmeralda Munoz
5/20/23 Amy Koral           $50                     sold by Stella Laurie
5/21/23 Erik Nelson          $100                   sold by Nora Lazaros
5/22/23 Nancy Cruz          $75                     sold by Nickole Wheeler
5/23/23 Kelly Murphy      $50                     sold by Sienna Laurie
5/24/23 Paul Kelley       Woo Sox                sold by Allie Boutwell
5/25/23 Robert Raiano     $75                      sold by Juliette Maccioli
5/26/23 Desirae Ayala      $50                      sold by Johanna Ayala
5/27/23 Janet Trapp         $100                     sold by Abbey Montague
5/28/23 Nicole Cerna        $50                     sold by Avery Thebado
5/29/23 Kara O'Keefe     $250                     sold by Dylan White
5/30/23 Creative Home   $100                     sold by Poppy Zide
5/31/23 Gayle Blackman  $50                     sold by Addison Cassie

Thank you all for supporting our program by purchasing a calendar. If your address was on your raffle ticket then your check will be mailed to you. If you are a parent of the child that sold the winner you can pick up your check at the concession stand.
Red Sox ticket winners will receive an email from me with the tickets. Woo Sox tickets can be picked up at the concession stand or I can forward those to you as well.

by posted 05/10/2023


by posted 01/12/2023
Field Status
Baldelli 2 - Marlborough OPEN (6/10) 
Baldelli Field - Marlborough OPEN (6/10) 
Batting Cage/Mounds - Marlborough OPEN (6/10) 
Farrell 1 - Marlborough OPEN (6/10) 
Farrell 2 - Marlborough OPEN (6/10) 
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