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Here are some frequently asked questions and general information about Marlboro Girls Softball


1. When does the season start?

The season starts the week after April vacation most years. We start games that following Monday and then have our Opening Day festivities the following Saturday.

2. Where are games played?

All games are played at our softball complex at Baldelli & Farrell Fields. These fields are located on Sawin St in front and behind Hildreth School (now the Phoenix program)

3. What are the ages that are eligible to play?

All girls LEAGUE AGE 5-15 are eligible to play. Your League Age is how old you are as of January 1st of the coming season.

4. What are the age breakdowns?

Ages 5-6 will play Instructional league. These games are played on the small field in the lower parking area behind the school next to the batting cage. This level uses softie softballs and the coaches pitch to the girls or they hit off tees. Games start at 6pm and are 90 minutes long. This level is strictly instructional with all players on the field at the same time. Team sizes are kept small. Coaches are encouraged to be on the field with the girls to help them. Standings and scores are not kept.

Ages 7-9 will play in our Junior League. These games are all played on Farrell 2 field which is in front of the school closest to the parking lot.

This division will play on a scaled down version of minor league rules. The goal of this division is to better prepare the girls to move up into the minor leagues. The girls will start to pitch at this level, 3 outs will be played and scores will be kept. No standings or playoffs at this level.

Ages 10-12 will play in our Minor League Division. This division will incorporate most ASA rules to allow the girls to be more competitive. There are currently 8 teams in this division. Girls pitch, umpires are sued and scores and standings are kept. On average 12 games are played in the regular season and then playoffs. Every team makes playoffs and will play in a double elimination style playoff format. At this level some minor league girls may be called up to fill it at the major league level as well.

Ages 13-15 will play in our Major League division. This division plays by ASA rules. ASA umpires are used and scores and standings are kept. Approximately 13 games will be played not including playoffs. All teams make playoffs and will play in a double elimination format.

5. How does my child get on a team?

Instructional age girls (5-6) are placed on a team by the league directors. At this age level we can allow for girls to request to be on their friends team for carpool purposes etc.

Junior League age girls (7-) are also placed on a team by the league director. If they played the previous year we try to keep them on the same team unless a request is made to play on another team.

Minor League: All 10 year old RETURNING players moving up to the minor league MUST go to an evaluation. All NEW 10, 11, 12 year olds MUST also go to an evaluation.

Major League: All 13 year olds that are moving up from minors to majors MUST go and any NEW 12, 14 or 15 year olds must also go to an evaluation.

Siblings that are playing in the same division will be put on the same team unless a request is made not to. If there is a sibling on a team and the other one is moving up they still need to go to an evaluation.

A seperate evaluation for Pitchers and Catchers will also take place on the same day. This is for anyone in minors or majors who pitches/catches regardless of where you played in last year. This is to help evaluate the pitching and catching each season as girls develop.

NOTE: A redraft is held at the Major League level every season. If team counts change a Minor League redraft will also be held. It is VERY important to register early and attend an evaluation if required.

6. What happens at evaluations?

At the evaluations the girls will be put through a short series of drills, hitting, fielding, catching and throwing and running so the coaches can evaluate their skill level. They will need to bring a glove and wear sneakers and comfortable clothing.  You MUST go to an evaluation if required. Girls that have gone to an evaluation will be drafted first.

7. What happens next?

In the weeks following the evaluations the coaches will conduct a draft. They will use what they saw at the evaluations  and information from previous coaches etc. to conduct the draft. Our goal is to try to have as balanced teams as possible. Once placed on a team you will be notified by the coach. *Once a girl is drafted onto a Minor League team she will remain on that team until it is time to move up to the next level, UNLESS a redraft if necessary.

8. Uniforms and Equipment

All girls will recieve a shirt and a visor (if requested). The shirt and visor are hers to keep. Girls will be issued a pair of black softball pants if needed. In the warmer weather shorts will be allowed but they MUST be black and of a reasonable length. NO short shorts allowed. Appropriate shorts are on sale on Opening Day or at the concession stand with the Marlboro Girls Softball logo all season long or you can purchase on your own. A sliding pad or long socks are required for any girls that chose to wear shorts. They will need a glove. When purchasing a glove, please purchase a softball glove as the pocket is bigger to accomadate a softball. Cleats are not required but recommended at the minor and major league levels. NO metal spikes allowed. All other equipment will be provided by the league, but girls can also use their own bats or helmets if they own them. Bats MUST be softball ASA approved bats and all helmets MUST have a faceguard and chin strap. Defensive facemasks are not required but recommended, especially for girls that play infield positions. These maybe purchased at local sporting goods stores.